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In a quiet cove alongside the Toms River is an extraordinary place where people gather to sail, socialize, and just kick back. This community, the Toms River Yacht Club, is a varied and colorful as it is warm and friendly.

Comprised of world-class sailors, weekend boaters, bridge buffs, party mavens, and those who simply revel in its beautiful setting, the club is a melting pot of ages, interests, and professions.

Here activities run the gamut-from regattas to formal dances to picnics to holiday brunches. Plus, as one of the few year-round yacht clubs on the Barnegat Bay, the Toms River Yacht Club is hopping 12 months a year. Its sailors brave the waters from blustery March to chilly November, and celebrities, like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, make appearances at children's events.

Established in 1871, the club enjoys a rich legacy at the Jersey Shore. From its first regatta on July 26, 1871, TRYC has championed the sport of sailing and now hosts local, national, and international events. It also runs one of the finest junior sailing programs in the area, making the sport fun and accessible to kids of all ages.

But while the club is a serious player on the sailing scene, many members prefer to go the landlubber route. So you don't need to know your jib from your jibe in order to join!

As you read about the Toms River Yacht Club's many features, we hope you feel as drawn to this special place as we, the members, do.

For more information, please call, 732-929-0888, or speak to any club member.

Steward (House & Grounds)
Donald Dirschauer

Steward (Kitchen & Lounge)
Calvin Draper


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