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Commodore’s Message 2020

My name is John Vahey, and I am the 2020 Commodore of Toms River Yacht Club. My wife Andrea, and I, as well as our two children, have been members since 1998 and we still consider ourselves new members. The club was established in 1871 and some members have generational roots and have been associated with the club for decades.

I find it ironic that I am commodore of this fine organization during my family’s 100th anniversary of living on the Toms River. My grandfather established a residence along the river in 1920 and six generations of my family have enjoyed the gifts of the Toms River. We have participated in every sport that can be done on a body of water including boating and ice skating in the winter months.

Toms River Yacht Club is a large practical facility that can accommodate any type of vessel at a reasonable fee. You will be surprised by the economical cost of a membership and the value it includes. We are a year-round club with social events marking each holiday as well as themed parties sponsored by members. We have Friday night galleys where formal dinners are served by our catering staff. On Sundays the Chart Room is open so members can gather in a more intimate setting. Membership also includes access to our swimming pool in the summer months where members are invited to lounge on the covered deck and enjoy food and libations from the snack bar. Our pool house also has luxury bathroom facilities for showering and changing.

Our club's main goal is the proliferation of the sailing culture around the world. Several of our members have circumnavigated the globe. Our slips are home to power boats and sailing cruisers, but our heritage is built on one design sailboat racing. Our dry storage is home to E Scows, Lasers, and Optis. We support high school sailing providing practice and regatta opportunities in the spring and fall. A club membership also provides access to weekly bay races hosted by the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association for ten Saturdays in the summer at a nominal registration fee. The club also hosts spring and fall one design series.

TRYC also has a vibrant Junior Sailing Program in the summer which provides sailing instruction for children ages 8 thru 17. The sailing program is an additional fee, but well worth it.

Please visit or call TRYC at 732 929-0888 for membership information. There is no shortage of fun at TRYC.

Commodore John Vahey


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