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Club Champions

Toms River Yacht Club is proud to be the home club of many accomplished and internationally reknown sailors. For over 150 years, we have stayed true to our mission to “promote friendly competition and interest in activities connected with sailing.”

Champions of Toms River Yacht Club

Cliff Campbell                    International Penguin Champion                                                              1966
Cliff Campbell                     Mallory Cup                                                                                                       1967
Bill Campbell                       E-Scow Nationals                                                                                             1980
Craig Prothers                    Laser M Nationals                                                                                           1982
Cliff Campbell                    Rolex Cup                                                                                               1985/1986
Cliff Campbell                     Caribbean Ocean Racing Circuit                                                                1986
P/C Bob Duff                       Sabre Worlds                                                                                                    1989
Allan Terhune, Jr.              Sears Cup                                                                                                           1995
Peeter Must, Jr.                 Laser Radial Nationals                                                                                   1998
Peeter Must, Jr.                Laser Radial Canadian Nationals                                                                1999
Pat Curran                           Opti Nationals                                                                                      1998/1999
Peeter Must, Jr.                 High School National Champion                                                                1999
Allan Terhune, Jr.              Collegiate Sloop Championship                                                                 2000
Reed Johnson                     Byte Nationals                                                                                                 2000
Leigh Kempton                   Opti Nationals                                                                                                  2000
T. J. Tullo                              Opti North Americans                                                                       2000/2001
Kyle Rogachenko               Opti Nationals                                                                                                  2001
Clay Johnson                       Smythe Trophy                                                                                                 2001
Reed Johnson                     Laser Radial North Americans                                                                    2002
Alex Bunt                              Opti Nationals                                                                                                  2002
Clay Johnson                       High School National Champion                                                                2002
Dick Torpey                         Ensign Nationals                                                                                              2002
Allan Terhune, Jr.             U.S. Sailing Champion & Champion Regatta                                         2003
Kyle Rogachenko               Laser Champion                                                                                               2003
Steve Barbano                   Opti Nationals                                                                                                 2003
Allan Terhune, Jr.              Lightning Nationals                                                                                         2003
Peeter Must, Jr.                 Collegiate Sloop Nationals                                                                           2003
T. J. Tullo                              U.S.Laser Radial Nationals                                                                           2004
T. J. Tullo                              Canadian Laser Radial Nationals                                                                2004
T. J. Tullo                              U.S. Youth Multi Hull (16” Hobie) Champion                                        2004
T. J. Tullo                              420 North American Champion                                                                 2004
Kyle Rogachenko               U.S. Sailing Youth Champion                                                                       2005
Kyle Rogachenko               Laser Radial Worlds                                                                                        2006
Kyle Rogachenko               U.S. Sailing Men’s Singlehanded Champion                                          2007
Dick Torpey                         Ensign Nationals                                                                                              2007
John Applegate                  M-16 North American                                                                                   2008
Bud Brown                           Ensign Nationals                                                                                              2013
Jeff Bonanni                        E-Scow Nationals                                                                                             2015
Bud Brown                           Ensign Nationals                                                                     2016/2019/2021
Clay Johnson                      Laser 7 Nationals                                                                                             2022
Allen Terhune, Jr.              Mc Scow Nationals                                                                                         2022
Allen Terhune, Jr.              Inland Lake Yachting Association Mc Scow Championship              2022

CLIFFORD W. CAMPBELL  (Inducted 2004)
Cliff is a current and longtime member (1960) of the Toms River Yacht Club. He grew up in Beachwood and began sailing on the Toms River and Barnegat Bay at eight years of age in a 12-foot Duckboat. From that experience he went on to racing at the Beachwood Yacht Club. Cliff began his winning ways with a BBYRA championship in 1949 in an “A” Sneakbox and then on to BBYRA championships in senior Sneakboxes, M-sloops, Penguins, and E-sloops. Cliff won the International Penguin championship in 1966 and the Mallory Cup in 1967. He also sailed with Dr. Brit Chance in the 5.5 meter class in an Olympic campaign. He switched to Solings and competed in Europe and the U.S.

In 1982, he began spending winters in the BVI on his Freedom 44, “Dai Sei.” During those winters, he won the Rolex Cup in 1984 and 1985, and then in 1986, Cliff was named Champion of the Caribbean Ocean Racing Circuit, which included wins in the Guadeloupe to Antigua race and Antigua race week. In 1993, he received the O.G. Dale Trophy for Sportsmanship and Service to the sailing community, and in 2000, was honored by the Eastern E-Scow Association with the Sam Merrick Memorial Trophy for his contribution and dedication to the class. Most recently, he won BBYRA E-Scow championships in both 1997 and 2001.

Cliff is a senior judge and race officer and continues to race and contribute to the sport of sailing. We are very proud of Cliff ’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2004.

Edward Crabbe was born in Brooklyn in 1872 and sailed at an early age on the Long Island Sound. He moved to Toms River in 1901 and lived on Washington Street in a house that is currently used as attorney offices. In 1917, he built the boathouse at Water and Dock Streets in Toms River, which is still owned and used by the Crabbe family.

He was Commodore of the Toms River Yacht Club from 1918 until 1921, and then again in 1923 and continued in that role until 1932. He was also the Commodore of the Cruising Club of America in 1929. In 1942, he was again made Commodore of TRYC and continued on through 1944.

Commodore Crabbe owned two schooners which were both designed by Mower and built by Morton Johnson in Bay Head. The first was the fifty-seven foot “Windjammer,” built in 1924, and the second was the sixty-one foot “Shellback,” built in 1930. Both schooners were center boarders so they could sail on the Barnegat Bay. The “Commodore” (as he was known) was involved in extensive racing and cruising utilizing both boats, including a trip around Cuba in 1932. He had many boats in his career, both sailing and power. In later years, he owned a boat named “Gulf Stream,” which often served as the BBYRA committee boat and also served as the Commodore’s winter quarters in Florida.

Many Barnegat Bay sailors sharpened their sailing and boating skills by crewing with the Commodore on his many boats. His contributions to TRYC were immense, which helped to lay the foundation of our present organization. We join the Crabbe family in celebrating the Commodore’s posthumous induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2004.

Alicemay grew up learning to sail on the Toms River where she raced in BBYRA races. She began sailing on “Bat” with her father, Bob Snyder, then sailed on the G-sloop and crewed on most of the other classes that raced in the BBYRA at that time. Starting in the late 1960’s, she raced on her own auxiliaries “Etoile” then “Benchmark,” taking “Benchmark” to the Bahamas for the winter. She made numerous trips to sail in the Windward Islands in the Caribbean throughout the years.

In 1979, she started racing on “Ziggurat” and did numerous Bermuda Races. During 1986, she began a five-year circumnavigation of the globe, first sailing to Azores, Madeira, and Canaries to join the first Atlantic Race Crossing to Barbados and from there, continuing west.

For many years, Alicemay was directly involved with the TRYC Junior Sailing Program when her children participated. Today she continues to be a major supporter of TRYC Jr. Sailing activities.

Alicemay still sails as much as possible and helps varied TRYC race committees and chairs the Historical Committee at TRYC.

TRYC is proud of Alicemay’s many contributions to the world of sailing and her induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2006.

JOHN APPLEGATE  (Inducted 2012)
John has sailed on Barnegat Bay from his early childhood, winning the BBYRA Moth Championship in 1953 at age 13. He has been a most successful and versatile sailor throughout his lifetime electing to try his hand at numerous classes with great success. He “graduated” to the Sneakbox in 1957 placing 2nd on the Bay and winning in 1958 and 1959. The next year he switched to the Jet 14, a totally different type of boat from the Moth and the Sneakbox and won the Bay championship. He later won a Jet 14 National Championship.

After a hiatus away from competitive sailing John returned to the Bay in 1975, winning the Sneakbox title for the next three years before turning to the M -Scow in 1979. After finishing 2nd and 3rd, he moved on to the very competitive Laser fleet, but his M-Scow career had another chapter to come. John competed in Lasers from 1984 until 2000, winning in 1996 and 2000. He then turned to the Flying Scot, where he was a strong competitor, placing third in the North Americans.

In 2004 John returned to the M-Scow fleet winning the bay championship every year since. He has won 73 out of 92 races against great competition in this class. In 2007 he entered the M-Scow nationals in Wisconsin and won the championship while winning the final four races in a six race series. His sailing credentials are impeccable with BBYRA championships in five different classes over 57 years, and he is still campaigning his M-Scow, so there’s likely more to come.

But his induction into the Hall of Fame is about more than winning races. It’s about how his achievements have furthered Barnegat Bay’s sailing heritage. John has clearly done this through his record in national events in the Jet 14, the Flying Scot and the M-Scow fleets. But he has also done it through his efforts at helping others learn to race and sail better. John is a tireless worker behind the scenes, frequently helping run regattas in classes where he is not a competitor.

TRYC is proud of John’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2012.

TERRY KEMPTON  (Inducted 2016)
One of Terry Kempton’s biggest accomplishments and contributions to the Barnegat Bay was his dedication to helping youth sailors. Over the course of his coaching years, his sailors won six straight United States Optimist Dinghy Association Opti National Championships while coaching at TRYC. He also coached five sailors who went on to represent the U.S.A. in the Optimist World Championships. Kempton’s awards include: 1st place Intermediate Penguin (1970); 1st place Junior Penguin North Americans (1973); 9th place (1973) and 3rd place (1976) Penguin North Americans; 1st place Open Penguin Regatta (1978, 1979); O’Day District D Champion (1980); BBYRA, Easterns, Downbay, Upbay E Scow Champion (1978); 2nd place E Scow Nationals and 3rd place E Scow Easter Regatta (1978). 

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Terry’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat BaySailing Hall of Fame in 2016.

ERIK JOHNSON  (Inducted 2016)
An eight-time E-Scow Eastern Champion, Erik Johnson holds an unmatched record for wins at this prestigious event. Outside of Barnegat Bay, Johnson had fifteen top-10 finishes at the E-Scow National Championship. Perhaps more impressive than his sailing results, Johnson and Terry Kempton pioneered junior sailing in the late 1990s that helped put Toms River Yacht Club and Barnegat Bay on the map. Johnson directly had a hand in the development of many successful sailors from the area. He ran off-season practices, introduced sailors to national and international competition, and fostered a competitive and inclusive sailing environment.

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Erik’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2016.

DANIEL C. M. CRABBE  (Inducted 2020)
Dan started racing in a Moth boat at the age of eight and has skippered in Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association in Moths, Comets, G Sloops, Lasers, M Scows, E Scows, Sneakboxes, A Cats, and Sandpipers.

Since the middle 1970s he sailed almost every Saturday morning in M Scows and or Sneakboxes with his wife, Nancy, and in the afternoons in E Scows, first with Nancy and then with his kids. He was a three-time Sneakbox BBYRA Champion and has won many races, including the Bilgeboarder Trophy 3 times, Wolstenholm Trophy twice and most of the other BBYRA E Scow and Sneakbox trophies at least once. He and his wife have recently purchased a Sandpiper and are still racing in the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association.

He spent two years working with Gary Jobson writing and researching for the book, Chasing Roosters: A Century of Sailing on Barnegat Bay. He also was the recipient of the O. G. Dale trophy in 2014 in recognition of Outstanding Sportsmanship in the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association.

His offshore cruising experience covers the East Coast from Nova Scotia to Florida to Antigua and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dan has raced extensively in many off-shore events including 5 Bermuda races, 2 Annapolis to Newport races, Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay race, 2 Block Island to Stanford races, St. Petersburg to Miami race, 3 Miami to Nassau races and once to Block Island Race Week. As a teenager he often cruised with his uncle in both sail and powerboats all along the East Coast. His longest passage was from Gibson Island to Antigua.

He has been a member of the Cruising Club of America since 1982, NCESA Director 1980-1985, Rear Commodore of National E Scow Association in 1985, ECESA treasurer 1987 to 1995, Board of Trustees of Ocean County College Sailing, Barnegat Bay Foundation trustee and treasurer from 2004 to 2012, Barnegat Bay A-Cat Fleet treasurer from 2003 to 2018 and treasurer of the Bilgeboarders from 1984 to the present.

In 1950 he was Junior Moth Champion Mantoloking YC. In 1955 he was second in the Interscholastic Championship at New London, Connecticut. He was a sailing instructor at Beachwood Yacht Club in 1960, (Gary Jobson was in the program), Cornell University Sailing team 1956 to 1960, and captain of that team in 1959 and 1960.

Dan designed and fabricated both the E-Scow Slalom Racecourse and the A-Cat Anchor Start set up system.

He has been a member of Toms River Yacht Club since 1959, a past member of Mantoloking, Island Heights, and Beachwood Yacht Clubs.

Dan has been a trustee of the Toms River Seaport Society since 2004 and president from 2008 to 2017. During that period, he oversaw the construction of a new building to house the 1923 A-Cat Spy, now on display and upgraded the two long sheds. Recently he developed an app to act as a guided tour for the museum which can be downloaded from the app store.

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Dan’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2020.

CLAY JOHNSON (Inducted 2020)
Clay Johnson grew up sailing Optimists at the Toms River Yacht Club under the guidance of Terry Kempton and his father, Erik Johnson. After winning the Optimist Team Trials, Clay moved to the Laser class where he was a US Junior National Champion (Smythe Trophy) High School Singlehanded National Champion (Cressy Trophy), three-time US Sailing Adult Singlehanded Champion (O’Day Trophy), Laser National Champion, Laser North American Champion, and a member of the 2011 US Pan American Team. Clay competed in four Olympic Trials in the Laser, the first when he was just fifteen years old and was the youngest Olympic Trials participant ever.

Clay continued his sailing career in college where he was a three-time All-American skipper and captain of the Harvard Sailing Team. He has won the E-Scow Eastern Championship as a skipper and seven times as a crew, tying the record for most wins. Johnson was awarded the OG Dale Memorial Trophy in 2017.

With three BBYRA Championship wins to his record, Clay has helped to revitalize junior sailing on Barnegat Bay. He’s fostered an environment of inclusion and promoted year-round sailing, introduced hundreds of kids to national and international competitions, and has played an integral role in the development of high school sailing in the state of New Jersey.

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Clay’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2020.

ROY WILKINS (Inducted 2020)
Roy started sailing in 1955 at the Island Heights Yacht Club. He was a junior member and was mentored by Dr. Slack and Don Horter. Early on, he began his career by crewing for Bill Warner in a Diamond Duck Boat. He then progressed to skipper and never looked back. He sailed Comets, Jet 14s, E-Scows, and a variety of wooden boats.

Roy is known up and down the bay as being able to assist others in envisioning a future. He created the Ocean County College (OCC) Intercollegiate Sailing/Racing Team and restarted the Monmouth University Intercollegiate Sailing Team. A rabid fundraiser, he led the effort to fundraiser for 18 Club 420 sailboats and several safety boats to launch the OCC program. He was instrumental in raising the funds to launch the Citta Sailing Center Project located at Mill Creek Park in Berkeley Township. Currently he coordinates the SAFE Sailing Program there and is assisting in the final phases for the full implementation of the new Citta Sailing Center.

As a sailing instructor, he has left his legacy throughout the greater Barnegat Bay sailing community. He has been the been the head instructor at the Island Heights Yacht Club, Brant Beach Yacht Club, Bay Head Yacht Club, and the Metedeconk River Yacht Club. He was also the coach for the New Jersey Special Olympic Sailing Team.

Roy is a prolific sailboat racer. He raced the original “A” Cat Spy to three bay championships. He continued his legacy by winning four bay championships in SPY II. Now retired from active racing, he still manages “A” Cat Lotus, which is used by the SAFE Sailing Program and exposes people with a variety of abilities to the pleasures of sailing.

His skills as a coach are not limited to sailing. Along with his wife Jane, he coached the women’s soccer team at Stockton University from 1989 until 2002. In 1995, he led the team to the university’s only final four tournament, which they concurrently hosted at the university managing the logistics and coaching the team. The 1995 team was recently inducted into the Stockton University Hall of Fame.

Roy has served as a key resource to many sailing organizations. He has been a member of the Island Heights Yacht Club since 1955 and Toms River Yacht Club since 2002. He has been commodore of the Ocean County College Sailing Club as well as a founding member of the club. He served as fleet captain of the Barnegat Bay “A” Cats from 1997-2007. He currently serves as vice president of the Brant Beach Sailing Foundation on Long Beach Island.

Recognized for his many contributions to sailing, he was presented the Rae Theodore LaPier Memorial Trophy for fostering and managing sailing programs. In 2013, he was awarded the Callahan Trophy for contributions to sailing in the bay. This year he was awarded the Dougherty Trophy for promoting sportsmanship in sailing.

In 2005, Roy evidenced his broad skill set by co-authoring with Gary Jobson, A Cat’s…A Century of Tradition, which serves as the fundamental documentation of the history of the class as well as recognizing the many contributions across clubs, families, and the many friendships the fleet fosters.

Today, Roy is as energetic as ever. There is never a day that he does not love being on the water, sailing, teaching, and enjoying the beautiful environs of Barnegat Bay. Some of his greatest pleasures include sailing boats that have multiple generations of Wilkins onboard. His nominator for the Hall of Fame suggested if there were more Roy Wilkins, the bay would not have room for powerboats.

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Roy’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2020.

ALLAN K. TERHUNE  (Inducted 2020)
2008 US Sailing Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Finalist; 2007 US Sailing One Design Leadership award for the ILCA Boat Grant Program; won eight national championships from 1995 to 2009, including the US Sailing Sears Cup Junior National Championship in 1995 – the only BBYRA team to ever win; recorded top finishes in many other championships from 1998 to 2009, including second in 2007 Lightning World Championships, 2009 Thistle Atlantic Coast Champion, 2009 Lightning Southern Circuit Champion, 2003 Lightning Atlantic Coast Champion, 2008 Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Champion, and 2004 Lightning Midwinter Champion; certified US Sailing Level 1 and Basic Keelboat Instructor; worked as an instructor at Bay Head and Surf City Yacht Clubs; Keelboat Sailing Director at U.S. Naval Academy 2005-2007.

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Allan’s accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2020.

GARY JOBSON  (Inducted 2021)
Gary Jobson grew up in Money Island and raced on Barnegat Bay. He became an Honorary Member of the Toms River Yacht Club in 2005. He was the club’s sailing instructor from 1967 to 1971. Jobson won BBYRA Championships in 1967, 1968, and 1969. He has three Rooster Flags, which he says are among his most valuable trophies.

Jobson is a Past President of US Sailing and served for eight years on the Board of World Sailing, the international governing body of the sport. As a sailor he raced in three America’s Cup campaigns as a tactician. In 1977, TRYC presented him with a John English painting of Courageous for successfully defending the America’s Cup. He was twice named College Sailor of the Year and has a long record of winning many of the world’s ocean races.

Jobson has authored 21 books on sailing including: Chasing Roosters: 100 Years of Racing on Barnegat Bay co-authored with Dan Crabbe and Lara Walsh and A Cats: A Century of Tradition co-authored with Roy Wilkins. He has covered 8 America’s Cups for ESPN and NBC and has covered the Olympics for NBC since 1988. He and wife, Janice have three grown daughters and five grandchildren.

Toms River Yacht Club is proud of Gary's accomplishments and of his induction into the Barnegat Bay Sailing Hall of Fame in 2021.