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Club Etiquette & Guidelines

Welcome to the Toms River Yacht Club (TRYC). To make your visit to the TRYC as enjoyable as possible, whether you are a member, guest of a member, visiting skipper, or a private event party, there are some TRYC house rules that we ask all to follow.


Members’ attire shall conform to good taste for a private club. Bathing suits, Swim trunks and Bare feet are not allowed anywhere in the Main Clubhouse. Baseball caps or hats are prohibited and men are required to wear a collared shirt when upstairs inside Main Clubhouse. With the exception for sailors attending a Regatta event and/or awards ceremony. Members and guests are expected to act like ladies and gentlemen in dress, demeanor and language.


The guest rules are designed for the purpose of extending the courtesies of the Club to visiting yachtsmen who are members of recognized yacht clubs and their guests and to permit members’ friends to occasionally enjoy the Club’s facilities. Guests may be introduced by phone call or in person to the club office, for the purpose of visiting the club or may be introduced by guest card or letter. Guests are subject to the TRYC By-Laws and shall have the privilege of purchasing food and beverages, subject to State Laws and House Committee Rules. All yachtsmen/women, participating in a racing event sponsored in whole or in part by TRYC, are granted a guest Racing Membership in the Club during their time on the water from a reasonable time before the start until the completion of any post-race events.


Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside the club buildings or surrounding area of the pool.


Alcoholic beverages not purchased at the TRYC are not to be consumed on the premises or interiors of the Main Clubhouse, Sailing Center and/or Pool area when a TRYC bar is open.
Alcoholic beverages purchased at the TRYC are not to be consumed on the docks or parking lot. No one under the age of 21 years of age is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on Club premises nor sit or stand at the bars.


Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed in the Clubhouse, Sail Center, and Pool area at any time. The only exception to this rule is that pets on a leash are permitted for accessing to board owners’ boats docked in the TRYC marina area.